Global Diversity Month: 3 Ways To Celebrate

Global Diversity Month: 3 Ways To Celebrate

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Global Diversity Month, which falls in October, is a time to celebrate the positive impact diverse voices can have on a company, its community, and society. It is also a reflection on the obstacles and barriers present in the workplace today and the steps we can take to overcome them.

Businesses have the power to enact real change to dissolve the many barriers Black professionals and other communities of color face to accessing economic opportunity. Companies must put in the hard work to be accountable and create measurable plans to bring an impactful change. 

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History of Global Diversity Month

When the Second World War ended, the United Nations General Assembly adopted The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris. The declaration indicates the global expression of rights to all human beings irrespective of their identity. We must acknowledge that every human being deserves equal human rights.

The declaration expects us to respect every individual regardless of gender, caste, religion, race, sexuality, ethnicity or language, and otherwise. We must remember that homogenization discounts traditional cultures and unique identities with every bit of globalization. Accepting cultural diversity, especially at work, can eradicate the issue of monoculturalism. Implementing cultural diversity at work this global diversity awareness month can help you lose such homogenization.

Thus, Global Diversity Awareness Month is a learning opportunity for your employees to know about various cultures and explore the beauty of unity in diversity.

Why is Global Diversity Month Important? 

  • Our Differences Make Us Unique

If one person knows how to make the best pancakes and another knows how to make maple syrup, it would be beneficial to combine the knowledge of both parties. That is also how diversity in cultures, languages, and nations can help society become the strongest. Sometimes it is easy to forget where recipes, knowledge, and things originated. We can benefit from learning more about people and cultures we aren’t familiar with, even if it scares us to venture into new territory.

  • Expanding Minds With New Cultural Traditions

Some people say that world travel ‘changed’ them, and it is hard to know what that means unless you have met people on the other side of the world that you found similar to you. While the simple act of hopping on a plane or train does not make one culturally knowledgeable, taking the time to get to know the traditions and history of another culture is a gift in itself.

  • Differing opinions and new cultural traditions expand minds

Listening is a component of learning. You likely live in a town, city, or area with people who don’t share the same cultural, religious, political, or general world views that you do. Asking questions and listening to different viewpoints make us all more well-rounded humans. In doing so, you never know how your perspectives may change.

How to Celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month At Work?

Here are three ways to celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month.

1. Connect With People

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, and this is the right time to connect with people on the other side of the world. You can encourage your workers to talk to remote team members or employees from overseas branches. Workers will learn about people’s lives through social media and other communications channels.

2. Learn About Various Cultures

As an employer, you must focus on workplace equity and provide equal opportunities for the underrepresented groups. And the best way to do this is by providing them with knowledge and learning about various cultures at work.

You can promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance at work by educating your workers about differences related to sex, caste, gender, race, culture, etc. Here are a few ways to learn about diverse cultures and backgrounds.

  • Organize a multicultural poetry event
  • Movie night (choose movies made by underrepresented people across minority communities)
  • Book reading (select books written by black, African, Asian, or Mexican writers)
  • Implement a diversity training program
  • Hire an expert to talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion

3. Keep Yourself Informed

Keeping yourself informed with worldwide happenings is crucial while educating your workers about diversity and inclusion. The events might be emotionally tragic sometimes, but they are necessary to keep people aware.

Use such events as examples to emphasize the need for equal rights for every worker irrespective of their identities. It helps our workers feel connected as a team, enhancing employee engagement levels. 

4. Tell Stories 

Offer the opportunity for new employees to share stories from their culture. While legends and folklore often seem similar across cultures, their differences and the narration can be colorful and enlightening to learn.

5. Have a Potluck 

Food always gets people together. When the food of different nations comes together, what could be better? Encourage employees to bring their most authentic recipes to share and the histories behind them, too. Take taste-testing a step further and have a contest. Blindfold competitors and see if they can name the country of origin for each dish.

6. Make It Visual

Put a map up in your headquarters. Place a pin for each member of your team to represent the nationality. Some corporate companies may touch on countries all over the map, while others may barely reach a few countries. The point is to see how each member can more effectively contribute to your company because of their experience. By visually understanding the impact diversity has, your company will thrive.

How Does Diversity make Us Better Human Beings at Work? 

  • Prepares You For a Global Society

Your profession or line of business does not matter when it comes to diversity. You will work with employers, coworkers, and clients from diverse cultures worldwide at one point or the other. When a workplace is diverse and inclusive, you can create a culture of tolerance where people from various backgrounds can interact freely and safely.

  • Enhances Your Knowledge

When we are among people of various racial and ethnic identities, we learn many new things. We open ourselves to new ideas and perspectives in life. Knowledge is diverse and cannot come from people who are similar to us.

  • Leads You To Success

From America to India to Africa, every workforce has become more diverse and inclusive than ever. Learning to work with people different from you will increase your cohesive workability. It teaches tolerance and acceptance. As a result, you tend to show better teamwork skills.

  • Enhances Social Development

All you have to do is interact and know people who belong to underrepresented groups, whether racial, sexual, or ethnic. Doing so widens your social reach and expands the opportunity to attract a diverse talent pool from around the world.

  • Improves Your Self-awareness

When you learn from people who hold various experiences, you enhance your analyzing skills. You tend to learn from their experiences as well. It takes you one step closer to acknowledging every employee who has a story to share.

Bottom Line

Diversity is a large part of what makes life interesting, and a critical component of inclusive leadership work is that it will be global from the start. The practices and principles will help build a culture of belonging for employees of many historically marginalized backgrounds. We celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month to celebrate our diverse community of professionals and focus on creating an equitable workforce where all talent thrives.

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