Sexual Assault Be Verbal

Sexual Assault Be Verbal

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Communication is the standard part of interpersonal activity, and most societies have standards regarding what sorts of communication are suitable in specific circumstances. When employees in an organization feel embarrassed, frightened, uncomfortable, or intimidated due to verbal harassment of sexual nature is known as verbal sexual assault. 

Most of the time, people find it challenging to distinguish between verbal sexual assault and other forms of harassment due to varying responses. However, verbal sexual assault would include making offensive comments or making them feel uncomfortable. 

What Are the Elements of Verbal Sexual Assault?

Here are some common elements included in a verbal sexual assault. 

  • Inappropriate sexual jokes, comments, taunting, or sexuality-related questions are all instances of unacceptable behavior.
  • Sexually lewd offers, sexual acceptance, and asking employees to go out with them
  • Asking for details regarding a coworker's sexual background or preferences at the workplace.
  • Circulating false rumors and spreading inaccurate details about someone
  • Using vulgar comments and calling people names.
  • Negative remarks regarding a person's looks, body, or personal behavior
  • Touching, smacking lips, or clapping are all instances of inappropriate noises.
  • Sending obscene emails, messages, or texts to someone.
  • Disagreeing with someone using discriminating, threatening, or derogatory words are instances of verbal assault.
  • Mocking someone, especially in public, like a supervisor shouting and screaming at an associate over a terrible performance

Verbal sexual assault at work may have both economic and emotional ramifications. Targets may suffer mental health problems, including depression and fear, making it challenging to accomplish their work responsibilities, grow in their careers, and even stay employed.

What Does Not Constitute Verbal Sexual Assault?

There are numerous instances of conduct that would not be considered verbal sexual assault. Examples of this can be mocking comments, non-serious, isolated events, or offhand statements. Furthermore, a one-time compliment like, "you look amazing today," would not be deemed verbal sexual assault. The context and style in which the activity got carried out can also specify whether or not it is sexual assault.  

For example, approaching a colleague for a meeting once would not be deemed sexual assault. 

Nevertheless, constantly asking that coworker out on a date after the person turns the other person down can be sexual harassment. In addition, sexual assault does not contain any authorized conduct. For instance, if two colleagues are in a love relationship and engage in consensual sexual acts, this is not considered sexual assault

That would be valid even if they ended their love affair later on. It is essential to note that sexual conduct in the workplace might infringe on business standards and possibly create an unwelcome atmosphere for other workers.

Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault in a Workplace

Every person will get affected by sexual assault since it makes the workplace environment challenging for employees to perform. The following are some of the possible outcomes of workplace sexual assault:

  • Physical and Mental Issues

Emotional and physical health are indistinguishably intertwined. Loss of appetite, weight changes, migraines, and sleep problems are physical health problems. In addition, sleep deprivation may lead to numerous significant health problems, including hormone instability, a risk of increased blood pressure, and a weaker immune system. 

Sexual assault targets often experience mental and behavioral effects, such as sadness, anxiety, and nervousness. They usually have low self-esteem and assertiveness. In addition, according to a study, sexual assault harms women's work satisfaction, emotional well-being, and commitment, raising psychological distress, causing more physical illness, and producing more unhealthful eating habits.

  • Reduced Company Productivity

Sexual assault claims harm a company's reputation, and everyone loses when an organization remains affected by discrimination and harassment. Your workforce will suffer from low morale, absenteeism, gossip, antagonism, tension, and anxiety due to the hostility caused by assault. Companies and the entire industry are both impacted by sexual assault.

Absenteeism, high employee turnover, reduced performance, poor morale, and legal expenses related to sexual assault cost companies millions and billions of dollars each year. Sexual assault victims and survivors are far more likely to leave, resulting in considerable employee turnover and improved hiring and training expenses.

As per a report, approximately 80% of female employees who got sexually assaulted leave their jobs within two years. It will be more challenging to acquire top individuals in a toxic workplace.

  • Financial Issues

Sexual harassment not only damages a company's reputation but harms its finances. Moreover, sexual harassment can also damage a victim's career path and work performance. Some individuals retreat from the job and separate from colleagues due to fear and low morale. 

Sometimes sexual assault victims may experience longer-term job consequences, such as termination, loss of work recommendations, or losing creditability in their business. People may also leave their current position or firm to prevent a hostile work atmosphere. As a result, financial problems such as unpaid leave or missed pay might arise.

  • Damage to Business Reputation and Brand Name

The failure of a company to appropriately control and respond to sexual assault can lead to expensive lawsuits. Moreover, when prospective clients observe or learn about "divisiveness" directed at a worker in an organization, they may create negative judgments that make them less inclined to associate with the company.

How Can Business Administrators Eliminate Verbal Sexual Assault?

Modern organizations must work with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to create preventative steps to lower physical, verbal, and visual sexual assault. Here are some ways business administrators can eliminate sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. 

  • Business Leaders Should Execute Anti-harassment Regulations

Business managers and administrators should create the guidelines available to all employees and ensure they read and understand them. Another preventative alternative is to deliver sexual assault training programs within the organization. Various training programs assist in enlightening your team about sexual harassment instances and how to avoid them. 

  • Encourage Individuals to Report Verbal Abuse

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) considers verbal abuse a considerable problem, and victims who document it are protected. Reporting sexual assault to your workplace is merely the initial step, which may or may not result in action. Nevertheless, it is still an imperative action to take. Before the target may start legal proceedings, the victim must report, and the company must fail to work.

  • Create Adequate Reporting Channels

Organizations should set several reporting channels and guarantee employees remain aware of the procedures to follow in case of harassment claims. As per the FBI, businesses must establish fairly detailed supervisory provisions that imply that no one has the authority to decide whether anybody else feels intimidated.

What Should Employees Do When They Are Sexually Assaulted at Their Workplace?

It is essential to know that sexual harassment of any type remains forbidden, and the oppressed individual may take action. In some cases, the harasser may be ignorant that their acts are unacceptable. 

At a minimum, the target may want to alert the harasser that their acts are inappropriate and unwelcome, which is optional. In addition, it is essential to note that multiple state laws require a victim, claimant, or another party to seek all available remedies before filing a case. A claim should get registered with a government department within 180 days of the day when the assault happened. 

Final Words 

Sexual assault and harassment are common issues in all businesses worldwide. Therefore, it becomes imperative for modern workplaces to understand workplace sexual abuse, which ranges from mocking to discriminatory practices, so that you can avert toxic work problems in your business.

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