Online Sexual Harassment and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

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Thought provoking instructional design with a multi-learning modality approach.


Fully accessible, WCAG compliant, and mobile optimized.


State compliant sexual harassment training courses that go well beyond checking the box.


Easy enterprise integrations and SCORM compatible.


Our courses are built for easy enterprise configuration. Branding, policies, videos, and more.

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Impactful Compliance & Prevention Training

Impactly’s online sexual harassment and diversity, equity & inclusion training packages are used by hundreds of organizations across the country. Impactly is powered by Get Inclusive, one of the largest providers of prevention and compliance training for colleges and universities.

“Impactly's platform enables Aircall to better understand where we need to improve our management, policies and education relating to harassment and discrimination.”
Allison Covarrubias
HR Business Partner at Aircall

Online Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training from Impactly

Building empathy through narrative storytelling and vital perspective-taking experiences. 

Impactly DE&I training utilizes practical debiasing techniques known to be effective in reducing and managing common social and psychological barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also understand  the profoundly negative impact that finger pointing and laying blame can have on inviting people  to evaluate themselves. Our program aims to  build empathy and encourage connection in a  way that empowers learners to actively interrupt  problematic habits and consider the benefits of  becoming better allies. 

This foundational learning experience is designed to help learners  “workshop” and skill-build in areas that align with key DEI objectives,  namely: increasing diversity in the workplace while also creating open, dynamic, and productive environments where people feel “welcomed, valued,  respected, and heard.”  

Online Sexual Harassment Training from Impactly

Meeting state law mandates through interactive storytelling and real-world scenarios. 

Impactly’s harassment prevention training uses a multi-learning modality approach with modern professionally created videos, thought-provoking infographics, and engaging course activities. Our training is research-based to focus on impact and behavior change by going beyond legal jargon. The course includes managers and employee versions in order to comply with state and federal requirements for California, New York, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, and Title VII mandates. 

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Impactly 2021
Compliance Training Guide

Not sure how to meet the various multi-state training requirements for you distributed workforce? Download our 2021 training guide for a quick summary.

State Specific Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Got LMS?

Use Impactly’s training platform to assign and track courses or integrate with your LMS via SCORM/AICC.

Integration options through Single Sign On (SSO), HRIS, SCORM, AICC and xAPI.

Fully customizable data field and attribute configurations.

Integrated policy acknowledgment, tracking, and reporting.

Configurable dashboard for real-time course completion tracking.

Alternative training options for employees without email or computer access.

Private label options for corporate branding within courses, notifications and LMS.