From Get Impactly

To Whom It May Concern: 

This letter is to confirm that the Get Impactlty Compliance and Prevention Training Site License is a sole source solution, designed and distributed exclusively by Get Impactly. No other vendor offers this comprehensive training package and flat fee pricing offered by Get Impactly. 

Please find supporting details and further sole source justification below. 


Preston Clark, J.D., Get Impactly


The following documentation is intended for colleges, universities and university systems that require a Sole Source Justification Letter in order to purchase the Get Impactly Compliance and Prevention Training Site License. 


Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. 

Today we power the online training courses for over 350 colleges and universities. These include large systems, state institutions, small private and community colleges. 


Texas Tech University:

National University System:

The Get Impactly team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives. 

Our courses are designed to meet and exceed state, federal, NCAA and other training mandates. 

We build courses for student, faculty and staff populations. We also deliver population specific versions for community colleges, grad students, student athletes, and faith-based institutions. 

We cover primary and on-going training topics including mental health, sexual assault prevention (Title IX/Clery), DE&I, anti-harassment (state compliant), AOD, ADA, FERPA, and others. For a full and current course catalog, visit here:

Get Impactly’s team of researchers and legal experts ensure courses are updated as laws change. All courses are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant for accessibility and can be integrated and automated through a variety of technology options. Get Inclusive’s Learning Management System (LMS) delivers training at scale with tracking, reporting, reminders, notifications, and customization in real time. Pre and post course assessments and surveys can be used for national benchmarking or customized for campus needs with unlimited question options. 

Get Impactly’s team of highly tenured customer success managers provide one on one admin support for implementation and ongoing support needs. Get Impactly’s help-desk is able to support end users seven days a week.  

The  following items detail and justify Get Impactly as a Sole Source provider:

Flat-Fee Unlimited Pricing

Private Labeling

Enhanced Email Delivery

Modern Relevant Design

Efficient Platform Integrations

Flexible Survey Delivery

Unlimited and Flexible Platform Functionality


Copyrighted Material 

Scalable Customization 


Get Impactly Sole Source Justification

Flat Fee Unlimited Pricing:

Get Impactly provides unlimited access to all existing Get Inclusive courses that are available now and any new courses built during the membership term. All legal updates to courses and refreshed course versions are included at no additional cost.

Private Labeling:

Get Impactly can apply customer brand elements including logo, color palette, campus images, intro videos to the training courses and LMS. This makes the learning experience deeply tailored to your institution. 

Enhanced Email Delivery:

Get Impactly provides the ability to send emails on behalf of the customer's own mailbox / domain instead of domain. Course invitations and reminders will appear to learners as internal, official email instead of appearing as third-party emails. 

Modern Relevant Design:

Courses are built with modern relevant instructional design pedagogy using a multi learning modality approach

Efficient Platform Integrations:

Get Impactly provides custom integrations with customer systems including Learning Management Systems, Human Resources information Systems, Student enrollment systems, Single Sign-On Systems, and campus email systems

Flexible Survey Delivery:

Get Impactly’s pre and post course assessments and surveys provide the ability for the customer to define what data elements they want to collect and analyze. This allows the clients to gain tailored and relevant insights for their own campus context. There are no limits on the number of campus provided survey questions that can be added to a course

Unlimited and Flexible Platform Functionality:

Get Impactly’s learning platform has a customizable and flexible data field and attribute configuration for grouping, tracking, reporting, notifying, and analyzing information in real-time.  Completion and progress reports are provided in an executive summary, Excel, or CSV format


Get Inclusive courses meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. A VPAT document is  available for review.

Copyrighted Material:

All Get Impactly course content is our Intellectual Property (IP) and thus is copyrighted by Get Impactly. There are no other resellers that provide Get Inclusive training content. 

Scalable Customization:

Get Inclusive provides in platform customizations include logo, policy, adding campus provided videos, adding in campus provided images, adding in campus provided quiz questions, adding in on and off campus resources, adding in campus logo, removing existing course videos, text, or images.


Get Impactly provides real-time functionality to remove student registration holds for cases where course completion is required. This enables removal of hold within seconds vs the traditional methods which rely on nightly imports or manual holds removal. 


Get Impactly is uniquely positioned as a sole source provider for its Compliance and Prevention Training Site License.  Get Impactly provides a modern relevant instructional design pedagogy through multiple learning modalities for faculty, staff, and students that covers a broad range of topical areas. 

Get Impactly scales integrations with existing platforms including HRIS and LMS systems, delivers a seamless authentication through SSO, and automates data exchange through API or SFTP. Get Impactly’s pre and post course assessments and surveys are flexible to use standard benchmarking questions or campus specific unlimited questions. Get Impactly’s LMS platform is configurable to support customized attribute and data field grouping for learner data, reporting, tracking, and notifying in real time. Get Impactly courses meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards with VPAT documentation provided. Get Impactly’s in-platform customizations allow for modifications and additions in real time and flexibility to tailor courses with contacts, resources, campus images, videos, and questions. 

Private labeling takes customization a step further with a complete campus color palette integrated into the course user experience. Get Inclusive’s enhanced email delivery increases open rates by using the campus specific email domain to encourage learner access and adoption. Get Inclusive’s webhooks increase efficiency with automated campus registration-hold removals in seconds. Get Impactly provides flat-fee, unlimited course access through our site license model for student, faculty and staff packaging for unlimited learners of any courses currently offered and those newly built during the training membership term.