Diverse Environment: Six Ways It Benefits A Workplace

Diverse Environment: Six Ways It Benefits A Workplace

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The term diversity refers to the composition of a work environment with a diverse group of elements. The team is diversified in caste, color, gender, sexuality, nationality, and disabled people. No discrimination takes place, and everyone is provided with equal opportunities.

In the US, the government has passed a law, namely the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which states the laws to protect the employee's rights in a workplace based on the categories like case color and face discrimination, which is also very common in American culture. Hence laws like EEOC defines the non-discriminatory statement and policy for individuals.

The categories mentioned are more vulnerable as they are often discriminated against in the main course. However, many elements could not be seen with naked eyes, but these broad categories help identify the superficial ones. These provide the measures to entice diversity in a workspace.

It has to be noted that diversity and inclusion have grabbed the eye of many and are trending nowadays. As a result, approximately 1600 CEOs have signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge and are committed to D&I activities.

Importance Of Having a Diverse Set Of Employees

As we know, there are several advantages to having a culturally diverse workforce. Recruitment of employees from varied backgrounds has resulted in a beneficial flood of innovation and creativity in a new way, whether a small business or a large enterprise.

Moreover, nearly 67% of the recruiters say that having a culturally diverse set of employees is essential for any organization. Also, 57 percent of the employees stated it to be vital. As a result, it is determined that having a culturally diverse staff may assist in expanding the business's vision to many levels, allowing them to reach 70% more audience and generating a favorable brand image and market share for the organization.

Suppose there is a tech company that needs to start up and is founded by many people. All of them are from similar backgrounds. They will be thinking on common grounds and may not find the solution to the problem effectively. However, when they recruit people from varied backgrounds, they learn about new concepts and approaches that will help them thrive.

The concept of diversity is fundamental as it has many benefits, but with diversity comes the idea of inclusion. With equal opportunities, people need to feel respected and valued in an organization. It helps in the retention of the employees. 

Whenever employees think that their opinions are being heard and their thoughts are appreciated, they try to put in that extra effort to achieve the goal. Hence, it can be concluded that diversity and inclusion result in positive results and increased market value. So as the CEO and supervisor, you need to consider each employee and treat them equally. The members on board should feel accepted and respected.

What is Included in Diversity?

A diverse set of employees is always beneficial as they can innovatively achieve strenuous tasks quickly. Diversity as a concept means knowing the location of conscious practices that involve;

  • Appreciating the existence and co-dependence of humanity, the natural environment, and the cultures they follow.
  • Exhibiting respect mutually for the abilities and intellectual skills that are different from their own.
  • Comprehending the term diversity is included if the ways of knowing things
  • Conceding that the personal and organizational discrimination helps create privileges for some and troubles for others.
  • Associating over the differences so that discrimination is eradicated from the organization itself.

Hence, diversity is suggestive of the qualities that are different and innovative and can be beneficial for the organization. These talents are not restricted to age, gender, social identity, national identity, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation. Therefore, these differences should be eradicated all concerning human rights.

Benefits Of Diversity in a Workplace

Indeed, there are many benefits of having a diverse environment in a workspace. It leads to brainstorming and leads to positive outcomes. The existence of a culturally diverse environment leads to increased levels of creativity and innovation of tasks. It also helps in getting a good brand image and market image. 

According to research, the inclusion of a culturally diverse population has resulted in a rise in the company's market worth. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Organizations with a more diverse group of people are 35% more likely to yield higher revenue than the companies with gender diversity, who have only 15% chances of higher income.
  2. In the United States, the organizations that increase the diversity of cultural groups relish 0.8% of increment in earnings. 
  3. In the BCG studies, it has been observed that there is a strong connection between diverse and ethnic groups and corporate innovation. 
  4. According to a Glassdoor poll, 57 percent of workers and 67 percent of job seekers consider diversity an essential aspect of their workplace. These factors affect employee retention in the company to a large extent.
  5. Since diverse companies can connect with the people, they tend to develop a good market image of 70% of the audience.
  6. When the workers feel included in the diversified environment, they are more likely to produce the best results, which will automatically improve the company's image.

However, some more figures are being presented to convince a firm fully that having a culturally diversified environment will lead to the opening of new options, employee retention, good market share, and improved brand image;

  • 97% percent of the senior executives cannot depict the country's labor force and appropriate demographics.
  • Studies in New Zealand, Canada, and the National bureau of economic research have revealed that people in the minority do not receive job opportunities in the same quantity as the others do.
  • Nearly 16 million dollars is being lost yearly due to the unfair treatment of the employees.
  • However, people who post religiously federated content on their social media are less likely to get job opportunities.
  • Only 17% of the disabled people were employed in the organization compared to 65% of those who were not disabled.
  • And like the tech industry, which has great stats. Following are some of the stats of some of the biggest companies in the world;
  • NVIDIA is a company with the lowest number of white employees, that is, 37%. The corporation also portrayed the most considerable proportion of Asians, 45 percent, compared to 6 percent in the US demographics.
  • Apple and Amazon are two more companies with the highest depiction of Latino employees at 13% compared to the US population at 18%.
  • However, Amazon is also responsible for the employment of African American Employees for about 21%.


After all the surveys, it may be inferred that having a culturally diverse staff can help you achieve numerous degrees of success and boost your total turnover. Studies reveal that having a diverse environment also helps the team open up their vision and expand their thought process. And since everyone belongs to different backgrounds, they have different personalities and thought processes, which has led to the solution of the problem faster than usual. Hence, diversity should be considered as necessary when recruitment is done.

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