HR Training Courses: 13 Courses to Consider for HR Professionals

HR Training Courses: 13 Courses to Consider for HR Professionals

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Data and record collecting and maintenance are shifting away from human record-keeping and Excel spreadsheets and data collecting and mining software with technological advancements. Hr managers must comprehend the software's back-end functions and remain up to date on new HR-related technological tools being employed for better, quicker, leaner, and easier processes, such as e-learning platforms for training.

HR's responsibility is quite dynamic, with many tasks and outreach, and each organization has its personnel management style. HR professionals must be aware of external rules and regulations and be familiar with their workers and the departments they collaborate with. As per LinkedIn, 94 percent of the employees might stay with a firm for a prolonged period if an investment in learning is made.

List of some reputed HR Training Courses

Training is more than simply teaching individuals how to execute their jobs. It is about involving people in the organization and demonstrating to them that they matter via that involvement and investment. Every firm seeks workers that are excited about their jobs and dedicated to the organization. Training can be beneficial.

  1. Courses in AIHR - People Analytics

The Academy to Innovate Human Resources (AIHR) provides globally approved virtual HR programs that allow HR professionals to work on authentic projects and case studies. You may take a course covering everything or one that concentrates on a specific issue, such as the tactical side of being an HR executive.

  1. HR Analytics and Management Program (Wharton University)

This curriculum mixes theory and practices application and adaptability with thoroughness to comprehensively understand strategic human resource management, including an overview of people analytics. After finishing the training, you will be able to implement the fundamental concepts of using HR to promote interdepartmental cooperation.

  1. Human Resource Management (Coursera)

In the United States, Coursera's HR for People Managers Specialization program focuses on people management rather than the strategic part of becoming an HR manager. The curriculum includes a lesson on alternate methods to personnel management and hiring, appraising, and rewarding personnel.

  1. HRCI - Human Resources Certified Individual (SPHR)

The SPHR curriculum at the Institute covers themes including business leadership, talent operation and implementation, HR service delivery, and measurement techniques. It teaches the conceptual and policy-making components of human resource management. The SPHR initiative is primarily concerned with the United States.

  1. Human Resource Management (Harvard University

The Harvard Extension School teaches HR aspirants the fundamentals of this job. The study material is intended to familiarize students with the behavioral elements of the human side of the job and the technical complexities of pool management, allowing them to accomplish the work efficiently.

  1. Josh Bersin Academy

The Academy offers brief, engaging, and thought-provoking sessions on some of the most pressing HR issues. Consider the following concepts: HR in the Age of AI, Talent Monitoring Reimagined, The Hr Software Masterclass, and Individuals as a Competitive Edge. All courses are fundamental, with a learning duration of around 4 hours each session.

  1. IIM Bangalore's People Management (edX)

This entry-level training is intended to ease the transition for newly recruited people managers. Learn how to encourage and guide those aspiring to be managers and how to think back and evaluate for experienced managers. Consequently, you will get a better knowledge of the function of people management in the company.


It provides expertise, training, and tools to assist organizations in managing their human resource tasks. HR certification and recertification and HR technology conversations are all part of the course—a yearly two-day symposium for human resource experts. Students can enroll for free and have access to features of the website's online materials, or they may join HR Genius and have access to all training content.

  1. Human Resources Courses for Free (Alison)

A few of the best-selling free online human resources on this website are Diploma in HR, global and strategic Hr planning, organizational discipline, exposure to management skills, and recruiting and selection process. It offers a well-structured curriculum and easy-to-follow explanations.

  1. Human Resource Management Certification (Southern New Hampshire University)

If you do not already have an undergrad program, this certification can help you build your qualifications. This program will teach you how to study and use HR best practices and take care of the moral, management, and critical reasoning aspects of the position that this profession requires.

  1. George Brown University

Human resources certification programs are available at the institution for persons who are already in management positions. It was intended to help people working in HR management learn more about essential HR tasks and enhance their ability to operate in a more significant HR position. It is appropriate for anyone who is just starting their career as a human resources manager and wants to advance in their career.

  1. York University

York University created this course to help students develop a solid knowledge of HR principles while also connecting with professional networks. You may complete this HR certificate program while juggling your career and personal life, acquiring the relevant skills of the HR professional as defined by the Human Resources Professional Association.

  1. MIT

This MIT graduate-level course teaches students how to manage their people assets and develop methods to bring their vision to reality. This human resources course is taught from the standpoint of a management team. It covers HR topics such as compensation systems, EEOC regulations, diversity in the workplace, and retaining talented staff.

How to choose the right Course?

Consider what you want to achieve while choosing an HR course. Do you want a credential to brag about, or are you more concerned about the skills you're trying to learn? Do you wish to break into a new sector or hone the abilities you currently have?

As per the Huffington Post, firms that engage in training might see a 24 percent increase in profitability. The advantage here stems from retention. With an effective training program, fewer workers will depart, resulting in cost savings due to the money wasted in replacing personnel.

Your circumstance will determine the content of your training; if you are a new HR Generalist, you may also want to check at HR courses for beginners, while a more experienced Learning and Development Manager may wish to enroll in a specialist L&D certification program. With a few years of professional experience, HR professionals may opt to enroll in one of the best Human Resource Management courses.

The training courses at Get Impactly employ practical constructivist teaching approaches that are well-known for their effectiveness in decreasing and controlling common social and psychological obstacles to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Approximately 68 percent of employees, the business's most essential policy involves training and development, according to ClearCompany. The program aims to foster empathy and understanding so that learners are empowered to actively interrupt destructive behaviors and evaluate the benefits of being better allies.

There are various paths you may take if you want to work in human resources. Almost every industry has an HR department, so you may frequently find a job in a subject that interests you, such as medical, industry, architecture, academia, entertainment, and many more. Human resources specialties may exist inside any corporation, based on the size and number of employees.

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