Diversity Event Ideas In The Workplace: 7 Fun Events That Work

Diversity Event Ideas In The Workplace: 7 Fun Events That Work

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Diversity event ideas in the workplace help promote diversity and inclusion beyond your diversity training. They create a healthy work environment that is fun, effective, and lasting.

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7 Diversity Event Ideas that Work

Diversity events are the kind of positive, community-centered conditioning that will keep your workers more connected with one another.

Here are a few event ideas to get everyone involved.

  1. Cultural Book Club- Book clubs are formerly excellent ways to encourage fellowship and connect around reading and literature in a fun and engaging manner. Opting for an artistic book list that highlights different artistic backgrounds has all the benefits of traditional book clubs while furnishing space for workers to learn about each other's backgrounds and experiences. 
  1. Field Trips - You can give further openings for workers to get to know one another through an original artistic event or venue. Galleries and original shows that punctuate a particular culture or exposure are great for educating workers and erecting near bonds. 
  1. Lunches Catered by Local Chefs - Connect with the community by having original cookers feed artistic-specific lunches. You can indeed ask your workers to offer recommendations to some of their favorite spots around your original area to make the process more interactive. 
  1. Cultural Potluck - If you don't want to bring in an original cook, have your workers bring in some of their favorite dishes for you! Cultural potlucks are great because of how meaningful food is to many of us. Allowing your workers to partake in their favorite artistic dishes can be a great starting point for a fun, educational, and artistic exchange. 
  1. Hobby Fair Show and Tell - Set aside noon to host a hobby fair show and tell event. Workers can bring in meaningful particulars related to their pursuits, backgrounds, societies, and families. Encourage workers to ask questions and learn further about one another throughout the event. 
  1. Diversity Posters - Ask your workers to get creative by making various diversity posters. The posters can relate to any part of their identity or background, and they should punctuate the effects of their societies or backgrounds that are meaningful to them. You can display the posters in the office throughout the week, month, or longer. 
  1. Cultural Speakers - Cultural speakers are fantastic for informing your workers on important aspects of different societies. Motifs could range from history, food, language, popular culture, and more. You can plan follow-up conditioning or a group discussion so workers can discuss what they learned and appreciated about the talk. 

Diversity-Themed Activities 

Away from furnishing workers with diversity and additional training, a better way of pressing and celebrating your company's multilateral workforce is by hosting a diversity-themed event or activity. Here are nine different ideas, If you're looking for themes for diversity events. 

  1. Food

What better way to explore different societies than by pressing (and tasting) different types of cuisines from each around the world? Host a transnational-themed week and offer different global foods each day. 

Take it a step further and offer a "lunch and learn," where you can treat workers to lunch from a specific area while they listen to a lecture or informal talk by a speaker on the region's food, traditions, and history. 

  1. Films

Pictures are an awful way to show different societies and world views to wide followership. Celebrate global perspectives on the big screen by hosting an informal film festival, where workers can choose from a list of multilateral flicks to screen. Or ask workers to partake in a favorite film of theirs that represents their culture or heritage and encourage workers to watch these movies, too. 

  1. Books

As is the case with movies, books are also a great way to open up people's minds to different cultures and backgrounds. Start an office book club and choose a different novel or non-fiction book with a different narrative every month. Organize a gathering where actors can discuss what they've read, and encourage them to ask questions, share their views on the universal themes, and bandy any surprising assignments they learned from the book.

  1. Sports

Divide team up and have them each represent a different country. This exertion will help foster cooperation and lesser mindfulness of other societies while promoting exercise within your workplace.

Another option is to host a friendly game of an indigenous type of sport, similar to justice, etc. Not only will your company's workers have fun playing the game, but they'll also learn about a fully new sport and culture while they're at it. 

  1. Music and Dance

Music has always been an easy way to bridge cultural divides. Regardless of whether you understand the lyrics or not, everyone can enjoy a good tune. Encourage your employees to share some of their favorite music and songs from their culture as one of your diversity and inclusion event themes.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also offer a series of classes that focus on different types of cultural dances, such as salsa or tango. This activity is a great way to expose your company's employees to diverse traditions, while also helping them get in a workout. If you'd rather treat your workforce to a show, you can also arrange for everyone to go to a music or dance performance with a multicultural or diverse focus.

  1. Fashion

Promote inclusion and acceptance by encouraging your staff to wear an accessory or item of clothing from their culture during your diversity event. Employees can choose sports jewelry, team jerseys, regional colors, or other traditional dress forms for the event. Make sure to establish clear dress code rules beforehand in order to clarify what is considered appropriate clothing for your corporate event.

  1. Art

Art is a fun and interesting theme for diversity events and gatherings. For centuries, art has been one of the most effective ways for people to share aspects of their culture and history, and it's an invitation to explore the diverse backgrounds of others. Schedule a company visit to an exhibition featuring works by a regional artist, or visit a museum dedicated to a specific culture and embark on a guided tour of the artworks on display.

  1. Language

Learning another language is a great opportunity to truly immerse yourself in another culture. Offer your employees the chance to sign up for a class, either online or in-person that will teach them the basics of a foreign language. You can also hold a quick language session as one of your diversity and inclusion event themes, where every employee will learn how to say hello in at least one different language.

  1. Travel

To help your workforce to fully experience another culture, the best way to do so is by traveling to a different country. After all, there's no better way to understand a different culture than by spending a few days learning their customs, eating their food, speaking (or at least, attempting to speak) their language, and visiting their historical landmarks.

Plan a company retreat at a fun destination, preferably where the language, food, and landscape will be quite different from your own. Schedule a mix of corporate events and immersion activities that will allow your employees to fully soak in the culture of the destination. 

Bottom Line

Diversity and inclusion is about more than just hiring a diverse group of people. It's about helping everyone feel like they belong and can contribute to their full potential. But it doesn't just happen - it needs sustained effort.

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