Making the Case for Workplace Climate Surveys

Making the Case for Workplace Climate Surveys

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Most employers will make significant investments in harassment and discrimination prevention in 2019. From updated training content and policies, to new incident reporting technology and case management software.

Unfortunately, despite all of this new investment, very few employers have the data to make informed decisions about how best to address harassment and discrimination. Unlike pay equity or diversity in hiring, where much of the data is already sitting within HR and finance, the data for harassment and discrimination prevention simply isn't there.

An EEOC best practice, conducting a Workplace Climate Survey uncovers the data organizations need to establish a baseline, identify trends and measure the efficacy of existing prevention initiatives.

Despite the clear benefits, it can be a challenge to get a climate survey approved and implemented. In this white paper, we'll help you make the case for implementing a Workplace Climate Survey within your organization.

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