How to Get Budget for (Good) Harassment Prevention Training

How to Get Budget for (Good) Harassment Prevention Training

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I get it. Your company is both committed to harassment prevention and tightening the budgetary belt. Your CEO wants to meet and exceed the new compliance training mandates.

But, she also heard that there are some good low-cost or "free" options available. She asked you to investigate. So you did.

Your findings

1. You discovered that the low-cost options are distractingly low-budget productions with awkward scenarios; and
2. The free training options require someone internally to deliver or administer the training. You've determined that neither option is viable for your company.

During your search, you did come across a couple of good online compliance training vendors that you think would be really well received. And surprise, they aren't cheap.

How to get budget for (good) harassment prevention training

So here we are. You need to make the case (and get budget approved) for one of the high-quality training vendors.

Here's how you do it in five easy steps:

1. Establish Need and Urgency: Present the compliance mandates and timelines that are driving the need to find a training solution immediately. Reference this for help: Anti-harassment training requirements by state>>

2. Outline Your Options: Present and compare the different approaches your company could take to train and make your case for an online vendor-powered solution. Here's a summary of online v. in-person anti-harassment training>>

3. Address "Free": Show that most free options present significant administrative costs and deliver a subpar employee experience. Example of free anti-harassment training>>

4. Survey Your Employees: Nothing makes the case for investment like identifying a need through data. Conduct a short, anonymous workplace climate survey that clearly demonstrates the need for high-quality, effective training. "Look, the data shows our employees don't know how to report incidents of sexual harassment. Good training can address this!" Use our free survey and get an Executive Summary with CEO-ready training recommendations.

5. Introduce Vendor Options: Demonstrate that you've done your homework, reviewed 5+ vendors, and show your top two choices with pricing options. Use our anti-harassment training vendor comparison guide.

That's it! Email us if you have more questions or want help making your case for budget:

Remember, there's always budget for great solutions, and there's never budget for mediocre ones.

Your job in selecting a harassment prevention training solution is an important one. Make your case for a good training solution, and get the budget. Your CEO and employees will thank you!

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