2019 Online Compliance Training Vendor Comparison Guide

2019 Online Compliance Training Vendor Comparison Guide

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So you've been tasked with evaluating online compliance training vendors. Now what?

Get started by reviewing Impactly's side-by-side comparison of the leading online anti-harassment training vendors.

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Not sure if or how the anti-harassment training mandates apply to your organization? Read our FAQ post on which states require harassment training.

Products & Pricing

In this section, we'll compare pricing, courses offered and key features for each major online compliance training vendor.


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Looking for in-person sexual harassment & discrimination training? Read here to learn more about your training options.


Training vendors often tailor their solutions to meet unique needs of a particular type of business or industry. Whether you're a small tech company in New York or a large multi-national manufacturing company, you should want to understand for whom each vendor is building its products and services.


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About the Business

Before you buy, learn more about your future online compliance training partner. You’re not just licensing a platform or training courses, you’re partnering with a vendor that will power one of the most visible employee engagement solutions you offer.


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Still not sure which online compliance training vendor is right for you?

If price is your primary decision making criteria Emtrain and Traliant offer the most competitive pricing, while still offering a high quality online training experience.

If you need global compliance training content, NAVEX GLOBAL and SAI Global have the largest catalogs. EVERFI and Skillsoft also offer robust global course catalogs.

If you don’t have your own LMS, all of the listed vendors offer basic LMS functionality to deliver training to your employees and track completion records. Skillsoft also owns SumTotal which is a complete LMS solution, and also offers several other deployment options depending on customer needs.

If you want to build your own custom course, LRN, EVERFI, Skillsoft and NAVEX have built bespoke content for companies like Kodak and Google. Custom courses can be expensive, but entrusting a ground-up course build to an expert can be a great way to ensure a high quality (and compliant) final product.

If Then Analysis >>

You should choose SAI Global:

  • if you're a global company that needs a large catalog of training topics in different languages.
  • if you need an integrated risk management solution that includes hotline and case management.

You should choose NAVEX GLOBAL:

  • if you're a Fortune 500 company that needs a proven compliance training provider. As the saying goes: "no one ever got fired for hiring IBM" or NAVEX.
  • if you need an integrated risk management solution that includes hotline and case management.
  • if video is your preferred method of format.

You should choose Skillsoft:

  • if you also need a complete Learning Management System (SumTotal).
  • if you also need a full suite of employee learning content (e.g. Workplace Safety, Business Skills, Leadership, Technology & Developer)

You should choose EVERFI:

  • if you're a US-based mid to large enterprise that's not overly price sensitive and values modern instructional design.
  • if you're looking for prevention focused compliance curriculum.
  • if you need a custom-course built.

You should choose Emtrain:

  • if you're a small to mid size business that's looking for high quality, but reasonably priced training content.
  • if you want to support a women-led business.

You should choose Traliant:

  • if your primary driver is high-quality training that is customized quickly and cost-effectively. While free options exist, Traliant is the most affordably priced of the high quality providers of online compliance training.

Still not sure what to do?

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