Why Implement a Workplace Climate Survey

Why Implement a Workplace Climate Survey

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Beyond the millions of dollars U.S. employers spend on defending harassment claims, training employees, and revising policies, the impact of harassment on employee morale, productivity, and mental health is devastating. Despite this heavy toll, very few employers measure the true efficacy and outcomes of their harassment prevention initiatives.

The EEOC was explicit about the importance of anonymous climate surveys in its 2016 Report. Additionally, major law firms like Littler Mendelson encourage clients to conduct third party employee surveys specifically to measure the efficacy of harassment prevention training. But beyond these general endorsements, there are a number of specific benefits to conducting a workplace climate survey.

  • Better understand your training investment

Defending your annual training strategy and budget is an ongoing challenge. Need to upgrade training vendors? Workplace Climate Survey data will help demonstrate ROI and get buy-in with key executives.

  • Tailored initiatives

Workplace Climate Surveys can reveal risks or opportunities regarding specific issues or locations that allow for a more tailored and effective approach to training or policies.

  • Demonstrate commitment

Conducting a Workplace Climate Survey can demonstrate your company’s commitment to addressing harassment and discrimination prevention.

  • Benchmark

Measuring your year-over-year improvement is important. But to really understand what “good” looks like, it’s important to compare your Workplace Climate Survey scores against industry peers. This will also help in getting executive and board level support for future prevention initiatives.

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