Impactly Survey Questions

Impactly Survey Questions

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In 2018, Impactly brought together a team of experts (“Methodology Advisors”) from the fields of law, organizational psychology, prevention, education, and tech to address harassment prevention both effectively and at scale. Through this collaboration, the Impactly Methodology and Workplace Climate Survey were developed.

As a starting place, the Impactly Workplace Climate Survey was heavily informed by the AAU and White House Climate Surveys that were developed and deployed for institutes of higher education in 2013. The Methodology Advisors worked with HR, legal, and prevention experts to convert these surveys into a standardized climate survey.

By offering a standardized format, Impactly is able to benchmark the anonymous survey data by industry, region and size in order to offer insights and best practices to help employers improve workplace safety and culture.

To see a live version of the survey in the Impactly platform, follow this open link:

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