How often do we need to train on anti-harassment?

How often do we need to train on anti-harassment?

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Training requirements vary by state. New York, California and Maine have different frequency requirements.

Click here for a complete summary of anti-harassment training requirements and for a complete summary of anti-harassment policy requirements.

In New York, employers must provide the sexual harassment prevention training to all employees on an annual basis, and must complete the initial annual training by October 9, 2019. In subsequent years, this may be based on the calendar year, anniversary of each employee’s start date, or any other date the employer chooses. Employers should provide training to new staff as soon as possible after hire.

In California, anti-harassment training must be provided bi-annually, and within six months of hire. The training may be tracked by anniversary date or by training year, provided all employees are trained every two years.

Maine requires training to be conducted within one year of commencement of employment.  Thereafter, the employer may train on an annual basis, on the date of its choosing, provided no employee is outside of the annual compliance window.

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