The Impactly® Methodology White Paper

Making the Case for Workplace Climate Surveys

Workplace Climate Surveys are the foundation of any comprehensive harassment prevention program. An EEOC best practice, conducting a Workplace Climate Survey helps organizations establish a baseline, identify trends and measure the success of prevention initiatives.

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Despite the clear benefits, it can be a challenge to get a climate survey campaign initiated. In this white paper, we'll cover the following:

  • Key Benefits to Implementing a Workplace Climate Survey
  • How to Prepare for a Workplace Climate Survey
  • Sample, Research-based Questions
  • A Methodology for Scoring Your Workplace Climate Survey

“Impactly's Workplace Climate Survey platform enables Aircall to better understand where we need to improve our management, policies and education relating to harassment and discrimination.”

Allison Covarrubias
HR Business Partner at Aircall

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