Workforce Diversity: 7 Steps to Build a Diverse Workforce

Workforce diversity implies an office/ work setting where all workers, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, physical ability, religious beliefs, etc., get equal rights & opportunities. Geographic factors, global industry trends, federal laws that companies implement to improve company culture are the causes of workforce diversity.

Obstacles Faced by Companies Trying to Improve Workforce Diversity

Here are some difficulties faced by organizations trying to achieve workforce diversity.

  • Cultural Misreading Among Workers

When there are workers in a company from different backdrops, people often misjudge each other. In some cultures, even a friendly pat on the back is insulting, raising the risk of conflicts. Therefore, proper training to help workers understand each other better is crucial.

  • Slower Decision-Making Process

When workers are from distinct cultures and have unique ideas, the decision-making process can slow down. Therefore, a final decision-maker must consider all ideas and go with the best one. 

  • Inequitable Inclusion at the Workplace

An inclusive workplace is a work-in-progress process. While some workers feel satisfied in a diverse work setting, some still can feel the least supported. Therefore, paying attention to their feedback to create more equitable inclusion is crucial.

  • Language Problems & Discrimination Issues 

Language barriers often become a problem in group meetings when you have a diverse team. Besides, all employees are not as broad-minded as others. Therefore, discrimination is one of the biggest challenges that a company faces. To avoid this, your company must show that they are against racism & biases.

Benefits of Workforce Diversity

Having a diverse workforce brings several advantages. An organization with diverse teams is more productive and performs the best. Below mentioned are some of the benefits you enjoy by implementing a diverse workforce.

  • Keeps You Ahead of the Competition 

To stay ahead of the competition, a company needs unique skills. Besides, different experiences and viewpoints are crucial to making correct business decisions. A diverse workforce has all the knowledge and skills a company needs. They make the process of planning & executing business plans effortless. 

  • Safeguards Your Brand Reputation

Did you know that 85% of CEOs say that they notice increased profits in a diverse workplace? 

Yes! Companies with a powerfully diverse workforce can avoid costly lawsuits from cultural & other discrimination charges. Besides, surveys show that office teams with diversity perform 21% better compared to single-gender companies.

  • Increases Productivity 

A diverse workforce brings different viewpoints to the table as each of them has unique experiences and life histories. Therefore, they have more chances of innovation. Plus, diversity increases creativity, new ideas, and better business outcomes.

  • Better Global Exposure

According to a survey, companies with diverse workers have 70% more chances of capturing new markets. To get success in the global market, a company needs language skills and cultural sensitivity. A company with a diverse workforce has workers who can fit in the cultural familiarity of the nation where their company wants to operate, bringing success. 

  • Excellent Customer Experience 

Companies with a workforce diversity can often promote & sell their product and services satisfactorily. Plus, they can attract customers from different cultural backgrounds better as well.

What are the Factors that Make Workforce Diversity a Success?

 Here are some aspects that make a company diverse in terms of workers.

  • The Age Factor: Office Staff belonging to different age groups increase the diversity in the workforce. The elderly workers possess experience & maturity. Plus, the younger employees can work hard and learn quickly. Now, the blend of both becomes a winning team for a company.
  • The Gender Benefits: A diverse office setting gives equal value and rights to male and female employees. Research shows that companies earn 41% more revenue if they have equal men & women office staff.
  • Educational Diversity: All workers in a company must have a broad outlook. It is vital to know that all your office staff, from senior to junior workers, are valuable for company growth. So, they should appreciate all office mates regardless of them being less educated or highly educated. 
  • Cultural Diversity: Office culture against race, & religion, etc., biases can create a helpful workforce diversity. A company that values people from different cultural backgrounds is the most thriving one.

What Happens if a Company Lacks Workforce Diversity 

  • Firms that lack a diverse workforce lose many talented and skilled employees. It causes useless employee turnover and harms a company’s reputation.
  • A company faces financial losses due to frequent worker recruiting and retaining processes.
  • Discrimination complaints and conflicts increase due to a lack of workforce diversity training.
  • Religion or caste bias mentally creates tension between employees.
  • Lack of fair treatment in the office leads to stress at the place of work and reduces productivity.
  • High rate of absenteeism due to office fights delays project completion.
  • Lack of mutual trust between employees affects the growth of a company as it leads to unhealthy competition.

What Are the Factors That Affect Workforce Diversity?

  • Not being able to identify the objectives of your company 
  • Absence of a diverse planning board in your firm
  • Lack of data on retention
  • Not providing an opportunity for diversity training
  • Not setting the correct practical goals
  • Harassment in office based on caste, race, sex, religion, etc., at the office
  • No rules or anti-diversity policies to protect an employee

Steps to Build a Robust Workforce Diversity 

  1. Start Planning to Create a Diverse Workforce in Your Company
    1. Building a diverse workforce is not an easy task. Therefore, if your company lacks diversity, it is crucial to start planning first. Fortunately, some companies can help you begin this process by offering office plus management training.  
  2. Recognize the Goals and Objectives of Your Firm
    1. You must have credible data showing where your company stands in terms of diversity. Check if your managers have gender biases or not. Plus, find out if your recruiting panel has any religious, age, or race bias or not. If you face any sign of discrimination, start to take action pronto.
  3. Set Roles and Duties That Promote Diversity 
    1. Remember, it is essential to set up boundaries for everyone in an office for their actions. You must set clear goals for the diversity hiring lead, hiring team, HRs, and workers. 
  4. Pay Attention To and Use Diverse Sourcing Channels
    1. You can attend job fairs that promote workplace diversity, partner with local hiring agencies, societies, etc., to attract staff from various backgrounds. Besides, you can start using referral program software to attract diverse workers as well. 
  5. Invest in Diversity Training & Enforce a Bias-free Recruiting Process
    1. Workplace diversity training is best for teaching your in-house team how to foster diverse work culture. Therefore, to attract a diverse workforce, help your old workers learn how to expand a diverse work setting.
  6. Promote a Discrimination-free Office Setting
    1. Help your workers understand how to behave in an office properly & have mutual respect for everyone in an office without biases. 
  7. Monitor and Optimize Your Actions Regularly
    1. Worker satisfaction surveys, annual seminars, monthly group meetings can help you increase diversity. Therefore, to retain a diverse workforce, don’t forget to;
      1. Check if there is productivity improvement.
      2. Whether discrimination complaints are decreasing or not
      3. Give equal opportunities to men & women in your company
      4. Take stern actions against gender, religion, age, etc., biases. 

Luckily, you can address workforce diversity challenges with proper planning and the best diversity training. Therefore, to improve diversity and inclusion, contact GetImpactly. The future of your company is in your hands & all your workers deserve it.

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