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How long does it take to implement the Get Inclusive LMS?
We can implement and launch courses in a matter of days, if needed. Most implementations take between 4 and 6 weeks.
Do we have to use the Get Inclusive LMS to deploy Get Inclusive courses?
No, we can easily integrate with your existing LMS via SCORM/AICC.
Can we speak with other institutions that have successfully migrated to Get Inclusive?
Of course! As part of your evaluation process you can expect to speak with existing customers about their migration. We also have a library of case studies.
Does Get Inclusive have experience delivering training to large systems or other multi-campus institutions?
Yes, absolutely! Get Inclusive is the training vendor of choice for many of the largest systems and institutions in the country. These include the UMass System, TCSG, Maine System and the National University System.
Can Get Inclusive help automate assignments to students and employees?
Yes, absolutely! We offer SFTP, API and SSO integrations to assist with automating many aspects of user management including: add/updating/deleting of users as well as course assignments.
Nelson Schuchmacher Endebo, PhD Candidate at Stanford University
“Kudos to Get Inclusive for developing such engaging, up-to-date and thoroughly informative materials. I am thankful and impressed.”
Nelson Schuchmacher Endebo
Student, PhD Candidate
Nathan Harlan, Executive Director of the Office of Student Wellness at West Virginia University
“No two institutions are exactly alike, therefore the approach to online training can't be either.  Get Inclusive gets that and made the time to learn about WVU and become a partner rather than just a vendor.”
Executive Director, Office of Student Wellness