Getting Ready for Your Workplace Climate Survey

While the administration of your Workplace Climate Survey with Impactly is relatively simple, it’s going to send a strong and important signal to your workforce. Your communications and follow through matter as much as the survey itself.

A few things for you to consider when getting ready for your Workplace Climate Survey:

Executive Approval

Conducting a Workplace Climate Survey sends a strong and important signal to your workforce. Executives need to understand that follow through matters.

Pre-Survey Announcement

To ensure maximum participation, a senior leader should announce (via email or other means) that the survey is coming soon, and the reasons and benefits of participating.

Post-Survey Action Plan

The climate survey is just a start. Analysis of your climate survey results will yield short and long term strategies to improve workplace safety and culture.

Post-Survey Employee Summary

Employees will be eager to learn the outcome of the survey, and your plan for addressing any issues revealed in the data.