Put Your Employees at the Center of Your Harassment Prevention Strategy

Impactly recently conducted a national HR survey to measure the extent to which U.S. employers are adopting EEOC best practices to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Over 1,200 HR and compliance professionals participated in this groundbreaking survey.  

A team of prevention, HR, employment law, and compliance experts came together to analyze the data, and coauthor the resulting Study.

Download the 2019 Harassment Prevention Study>>

2019 Harassment Prevention Study

Three Products. One Comprehensive Solution

Impactly’s data-driven approach to harassment prevention includes 24/7 access to training records, anonymous reporting and survey data, compliance audits, and our Diagnostic Report that compares your policies and procedures to 1,200 employers across the country.

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Ready for a Data-Driven Approach to Harassment Prevention?

Compliance Training Tailored to Your Unique Workforce

Comprehensive Harassment Prevention Solutions

Anonymous Reporting and Incident Tracking

Improved anti-harassment training will result in increased incident reporting. A trusted portal for employees to submit confidential or anonymous reports is available in 10 languages and includes a reporter dashboard to add additional information and to correspond confidentially with your HR department.



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"As a fast-growing global tech company, it's important that we maintain our core values as we scale. Impactly gives us the tools we need to identify risks and opportunities for improvement."

Allison Covarrubias

HR Business Partner at Aircall

Compliance Training Data

Case Management Data

Compliance Requirements Annual Audit

Pre-Training Employee Survey Data with comparison to National benchmark

Training, Policies, and Reporting System Scores with Comparison to National Benchmark  

We are compliance experts. Meet all of your state training requirements with Impactly.

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Anonymous pre-training surveys help us tailor training content to your unique workforce. 

Empower your employees to identify and report incidents of harassment and discrimination.

Identify potential risk areas for your business to reduce lawsuits and protect your reputation.

Benchmark your progress against 1,200 companies and adapt strategies to fit your changing workforce.

Compliance and Prevention 360

Compliance Training | Anonymous Reporting | Data Insights

With Impactly, you get a fully compliant anti-harassment training experience that’s tailored to the unique gaps and risks in your organization. It’s a data-driven approach to anti-harassment training! 

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