Diversity Initiatives: 7 Diversity Initiative Methods To Implement

Diversity initiatives are practices and procedures aimed at improving the quality of a workplace and its outcomes. These efforts are most typically focused on women and minority communities, although they can be directed at any group that confronts widespread prejudice in societal structure.

The workplace is a physical location where employees and employers engage with each other, and all primary operations take place with well-maintained discipline. 

Diversity in the Workspace 

Diversity in the workplace is a trait of big MNCs. In huge organizations, people of various religions, sexual orientations, cultures, and backgrounds come together and work towards achieving a common goal.

Since an organization encompasses people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, the chances of conflicts are high. The main reason for this is the ideological difference, i.e., the difference between thoughts, culture, religion, and ideas. 

Therefore, the organization should stress the diversity initiative to keep an excellent working atmosphere for the employee. These types of industries are necessary for an organization to function well.

What are the Diversity Initiatives?

As the world becomes more globalized, people and organizations no longer want to live and work in isolated communities. More interaction between people of various backgrounds is required. To accomplish the main objective, all the employees should work as a whole. Diversity initiative encourages the employee to maintain a good relationship. 

They are now part of a global economy that competes within a worldwide framework. As a result, for-profit and nonprofit organizations must diversify their business models to remain competitive. For Human Resource managers, maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity is a critical problem since people from various castes, cultures, and religions work together.

Only 40% of women are happy with their organization’s decision-making procedure (compared to 70% of males), resulting in job unhappiness and low employee engagement. Thus, diversity initiatives should be taken by the Human Resource Department of the organization for implementing a healthy work environment.

7 Diversity Initiative Methods 

After knowing the importance of diversity in the organization, let us look at the methods of the diversity initiative.

  1. Avoid Negative Behavior

Improper behavior, abusive language, etc., are never appreciated by an employee, since it leads to moral reduction and is a barrier for the organization. Prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination are examples of negative workplaces that management should never deploy when recruiting, promoting, or terminating employees.

  1. Proper Communication

Exchanging information from one person to another is known as communication. There should be an appropriate chain of communication in the organization and it should be the way of transferring information directly to the top management.

  1. Equality

In an organization, everyone should be treated equally. This would be no indecent business making. There should be no biases while giving promotions or while transferring the individuals. All the employees should be considered equally in an organization.

  1. Encourage Diverse Teams

An organization should try to reduce individual tasks and give importance to group activity. The particular charge should be diminished, and all the duties should be assigned to the group. This will improve teamwork and productivity. Thus, group activities should be promoted in an organization.

  1. Promote Group Lunch

This is the method that is practiced by a lot of organizations. Offices with fewer employees must be encouraged to have lunch in a single open space. Through this, employees will get the opportunity to interact with each other and form a cluster of new ideas.

  1. Appointing a Good Leader

Human Resources are the critical component in an organization. That is why they should be managed with utmost care and honesty. The manager should respect people from different backgrounds and should know how to  deal with any problem or conflicts that arise among workers. He should not be biased, instead he should be charismatic and intellectual to influence anyone or deal with any challenging situation efficiently. 

  1. Training

The best and most effective initiative to be taken, is to provide training for employees. It would be best to hire an expert for giving lectures or conducting sessions. Employees should be taught about different cultures, the establishment and the struggle in the formation of the culture and its importance.

Importance of Diversity Initiatives

In an organization, diversity leads to many problems, although the organizations want to get employees from all around the globe. 

Just over half (55%) of American workers feel that their workplace has Diversity rules in place. At the same time, this is a sizable majority. It still implies that nearly half of the population is engaged by companies that do not provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for their employees.

So, let us look at the importance of diversity initiatives taken by the organization’s human resources.

We have discussed in detail the efforts that should be promoted in the organization. But why should it be announced? By 46 percent to 58 percent, firms with above-average gender equity and lead to employee participation surpass businesses with below-average diversification and participation.

Here are some reasons why diversity initiatives are important

  • Cooperation

Effective cooperation leads to overall employee performance and productivity. It is a combination of strength which when implemented will achieve success.

  • Team Work

We all know that teamwork enables you to accomplish tasks faster. Through teamwork, an organization and its employees can connect and create an opportunity to bond with one another. 

In a research study, it was found that when diverse teams are made, the decisions in the business are better. They outperformed individual decision-makers up to 87% of the time. 

  • Better Industrial Relation

Promoting diverse activity in the organization improves the employee’s satisfaction level and will further help improve industrial relations.

  • Reduces the Conflicts

 The main problem in an organization is disharmony among the employees. These types of initiatives will increase the harmony among the employees.

  • Less Resistance To Change

Resisting towards any change is in human psychology. Diversity initiative will bring in the touch of informality in a formal organization. This will improve the communication channel; the resultant reduces the communication gap between the superior and subordinate.

  • Better Decision-making

Diversity in the workplace leads to better decision-making outcomes. According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) survey, 78 percent of employees work in firms with a shortage of diversity in leadership roles. Variety in a leadership position gives a more empathetic and holistic approach to human relations and decision-making.

When employees with different backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies come together, they come up with diverse solutions in any situation. As a result, decision-making techniques and approaches are more informed and refined.

  • Reduces Employee Turnover

Better diversity initiatives lead to a good working environment. Workplace diversity is both essential and necessary for employee retention.

The companies with a varied workforce are often favored by employees and have a better public image.

When workers feel accepted and valued, they stay longer with a company. Additionally, they tend to perform their work more productively. 

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed in-depth the workplace and work culture and the diversity initiatives a company must take. Now you know that these practices are essential, start building a diverse, all-inclusive work environment, which helps employees thrive.  

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