Diversity And Inclusion Training Courses: Everything You Need to Know

Diversity and inclusion training refers to the training of employees and managers of the team so that they are better equipped to acknowledge and work with other employees that have different abilities, nationalities, genders, races, backgrounds, etc. 

The diversity and inclusion training emphasizes that all types of employees, irrespective of their social standing and position, feel included in the workspace environment and how the methods adopted for managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace are beneficial for the managers, employees, and the business.

The training has become increasingly important and popular as more and more organizations realize the benefits of having a diverse workforce. To encourage diversity in the workplace, HR has realized that hiring a diverse group of people is not enough; the employees need to be trained through diversity and inclusion training. 

Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Training Course 

To reduce the risk of discrimination at workplaces on any grounds and harassment claims, the implementation of diversity and inclusion training can prove to be immensely helpful. Here are various benefits one can gain by including a training course as an integral part of workplace experience. 

  • Raising awareness

One of the biggest aims of diversity and inclusion training is to raise awareness among the employees about the differences in people based on their culture, races, ethnicities, experiences, and beliefs. Through engaging, informative, and relevant videos and other forms of content, employees will better understand various overlooked concepts such as cultural competence, stereotyping, unconscious bias, etc. 

  • Involvement of the top 

In an all-inclusive diversity and inclusion training, the ideas and practices that are included in the training program can be implemented at all levels in the organization. The training program influences the leaders to become role models to set expectations about how the workplace culture should be. The diversity and inclusion training program allows open and flexible communication among the leaders and the employees. 

  • Workplace sensitivity 

One of the key concepts that are included in diversity and inclusion training is workplace sensitivity. Through this concept, the employees are encouraged to acknowledge the differences that exist between different employees. It also details how people’s behavior and attitude towards this difference can intentionally or unintentionally cause offense to the other employees. 

When employees are sensitive towards each other’s behavior, then the awareness brought by the training program can help them prevent harassment and discrimination at all levels in the workplace. 

How to Create an Efficient and Effective Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

When developing effective diversity and inclusion, the employees should feel satisfied and valued. The training program should promote the emotion of equality at the workplace. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while creating a diversity and inclusion training program for your workplace. 

  1. Understand the aim of the training program 

The first step before you plan a diversity and inclusion training program is to define the aim. Have a detailed definition of the program that refers to the path that the employees should pick. This path should help and encourage them in engaging respectful and positive interactions among the employees. 

  1. Create goals to solve the unconscious bias 

There should be a common goal established that can benefit all the employees. The goal should strengthen the bond and communication among the employees such that they can avoid the risk of unconscious bias. The goal of the training program should be to spread awareness and take steps that remove or solve the biases among the employees so that they can work together as a team. 

  1. Consider the training a continuous process 

Diversity and inclusion training should not be considered a one-time event. It is a learning process that aims to resolve the unconscious biases that people bear for years. Instead of being an annual event that is carried out to fulfill the duty to make the workplace an inclusive environment, it should instead be planned as a series of programs. These programs can vary in format and can be arranged at regular intervals of time for continuous learning.  

  1. Include employees of all levels 

The training program should include the employees that work at different levels and designations. People from higher management as well as lower-level staff should be considered while planning the training program to deliver more inclusive content. All the sessions should be planned such that they address the diversity and inclusion concept at different levels of the organization. 

  1. Customize the diversity and inclusion training program 

Every organization has a different composition of employees distributed at different levels. Thus, the one-size-fits-all approach cannot be adopted while creating a training program. As per the scale of the team’s diversity, the inclusion challenges faced at different levels, and diversity and inclusion data obtained from the employees, the training program should be designed. 

It should address the problems that are especially faced by the employees by highlighting the data in the modules and content of the training program. 

The Best Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs available Online 

There are various diversity and inclusion training courses available online that organizations can refer to as examples. The employees can also pursue these programs to gain a certificate. The certificate will enhance the value of their resume. 

Listed below are the most referred to online courses for diversity and inclusion training. 

  • Online Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

The course offered by Get Impactly, includes storytelling and personal life experiences that help to address the impact that might be caused due to unintentional bias. It lets the learners evaluate their behavior to better implement teamwork and inclusion. 

  • Inclusive Leadership Program

The Inclusive Leadership program conducted by Catalyst, offers a professional certificate. Created and hosted by Catalyst, it is aimed at people who work at the position of leaders such as managers or those who want to get promoted at such positions. The program not only imparts essential leadership skills to the learners but also guides them on how they can adopt various policies to become inclusive leaders. The program includes various case studies, group discussions, video lectures, etc. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace 

It is a free leadership course conducted by the ESSEC Business School, guides the learners so that they can overcome their biases and create a more inclusive and healthier work environment. The learners can gain the certificate after completing the four modules, including lectures, readings, and quizzes. 

  • Optimizing Diversity on Teams 

The course outlines how diversifying the team can make it more successful and strengthen its work. It is a self-paced course with lectures, readings, and quizzes that is conducted by the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

This course conducted by Purdue University, guides the learners to address the biases and negative behavior that they develop unintentionally and how such behavior can impact the work environment. It also details how one can overcome their biases and various elements of diversity and inclusion. 

  • Education for All

The course conducted by the University of Cape Town, familiarizes the learners with various concepts of inclusive education and how understanding the differences among pupils can remove the barriers they face to acquire education. 

With a well-managed and properly paced diversity and inclusion training course, the workplaces can ensure that they can create a healthy work environment that promotes contribution, collaboration, and team enhancement. 

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