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2019 State Anti-Harassment Training Mandates

Webinar Overview

Watch this free 60-minute webinar for the latest legal updates on harassment prevention training mandates in your state. 

During the webinar, we presented an update on new and pending legislation and walked through best practices to meet the new mandates both dynamically and cost-effectively. We also shared prevention best practices to more holistically address workplace conduct and culture.


You'll Learn

Compliance Updates: New and pending training requirements in your state.

Training Methods: An overview of different ways to meet the training mandates effectively and at scale.  
Impact: Insights on why you should go beyond just "checking the box". 
Innovations: We introduce a new approach to online harassment prevention training exclusively from Impactly.





Preston Clark is an attorney, compliance expert, and former President of EVERFI, the largest provider of online sexual misconduct prevention training in the world. Preston has spent the last 10 years working with HR professionals, attorneys and general counsel to help navigate the complexity of risk management, prevention, and compliance.

About Presenter

Preston Clark, J.D.

Watch Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording

Impactly is an employee engagement platform focused exclusively on preventing harassment and discrimination. Led by HR, legal, and prevention experts, we deliver research-based climate, culture and compliance surveys that give employers actionable insights to create a safer and more inclusive workplace. Based in San Francisco, Impactly’s co-founders have held senior leadership positions at the largest harassment prevention companies in the country, including EVERFI, LawRoom, and ThinkHR. Impactly advisors also include senior leadership from Lyft, Littler Mendelson, Volkswagen, and the University of San Francisco.

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Webinar Recording

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