Compliance Training Courses: Everything You Should Know

Compliance training courses refer to employee training materials mandated by law, statute, or order. These compliance training courses are obligatory, and they instruct your employees on the rules or ordinances relevant to their job role or industry. These statutes get predominantly positioned to sustain the security of the workplace and the significance of the employee. 

Companies hold social accountability to their employees and the common public. From warranting a guarded workplace free of harassment and intimidation to shielding client information and solitude, your business is steadily at risk of damaging its prominence, attracting statutory action, and in the worst-case situation – getting shut permanently. 

In other words, compliance training is core to your workplace risk management system. This is why employing compliance training courses is essential as it plays a vital role in managing the potential risks of your business and making your team more informed. 

Some Popular Compliance Training Courses

No matter what business you hold, employing compliance training courses should always top your list of priorities. Since there is a wide variety of compliance training courses, you must ensure that you choose the training and compliance courses compatible with your diverse business needs. Mentioned below are some examples of compliance training courses covering industry-specific and government-mandated compliance training courses.

  • Anti-harassment

Anti-harassment compliance training courses offer supervision and actions for answering to events of harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment. These courses explicitly specify what harassment is and describe any related behaviors. 

Apart from this, anti-harassment training courses hold effective approaches for responding to workplace intimidation and harassment and offering intervention policies.

  • Diversity Compliance Training Course

Diversity training courses spread far past administrative accuracy. Instead, it highlights the powers of diversity and discusses how to work with individuals of diverse genders, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, cerebral or bodily abilities, etc. 

As there is power in diversity, your employees must efficiently welcome the estimable information and outlooks that a diverse workplace can bring to the workplace. Apart from this, this compliance training course should also discuss how various demographics can get represented in your company’s marketing content letters and reports. 

  • Privacy and Data Protection

For warranting docility in your workplace, your compliance training course should principally distinguish between PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and Personal Data to demonstrate how and why this data gets exploited. In addition, your employees must understand how to handle all the cloud data safely even beyond the work environment to protect their valuable cloud data. 

  • Cybersecurity

Data Protection, Privacy, and Cybersecurity commonly overlap. However, it is still worth classifying these subjects into distinct compliance training courses. These courses must comprise how to effectively handle the rapidly increasing extent of sensitive and classified data and train personnel on the maneuverings, instruments, and practices required to guard individual identities and private data. 

  • Enterprise Ethics

Every company necessitates drafting a principle of ethics that features guidelines for disciplinary procedure. This course explains what exploitation and deception look like and also incorporates gray zones. An ethics and compliance training course must include risk assessment education, approaches to promote whistleblowing, accountability arrangements, and a method for discussing gray areas. 

How to Automate and Make Your Compliance Training Courses More Engaging?

Now that you know what is meant by compliance training and the different training courses that exist, the subsequent principal concern is how to deliver these courses. Some businesses still employ the time-consuming and tiresome pen and paper system. 

However, there is a much more efficient way to present these courses to your employees via eLearning platforms. By providing compliance training courses online, you can automate this process and make the learning more engaging. 

Listed below are some ways to automate your compliance training courses and make them highly informative and engaging for your employees. 

  • Develop Compliance Training Courses

Developing a compliance training course needs a lot of preparation. The initial thing you require to do is determine which issues you need to design these courses. 

Then you will be required to define the scope and attendees of every training course, create a synopsis, draft a script, and imagine how every module will look. Also, you must collaborate with professionals who can ensure that the courses you have designed are compliant with the applicable legislation. 

  • Upload Your Compliance Training Courses to an LMS 

Once you have developed the compliance training courses, the next step is to deliver them to your employees. The most comfortable and easiest way to do this is to upload these courses on an LMS (Learning Management System). 

LMSs are online portals through which your team can access your workforce training program. It enables you to keep your training courses regulated, train your learners, and track their activity, progress, and results. 

  • Use Relevant Content 

This is another most powerful way to make your compliance training courses more engaging. To enhance employee engagement and interest, you should choose content entirely related to your employees’ jobs role. 

It will assist in minimizing the time taken to go through the content and further foster better learning. The more relevant you get your content, the better your employees can envision situations in which these compliance training courses are applicable. 

Benefits of Automated Compliance Training Courses

Mentioned below are some of the significant advantages of automated compliance training courses that drive more and more businesses to adopt it in their workplace. 

  • Comfortable Onboarding Process

Cloud-based compliance training courses make it more comfortable for employees to determine the work culture of your company. It additionally takes out the ventures customarily associated with the steep training curve of commencing a new job role. 

If managed well, online compliance training courses can engage the apprentice in the education experience by rendering compelling, real-world situations that demand compliance awareness and powerful problem-solving abilities.

  • Higher Success Rate

Due to the interactive and engaging nature of online compliance training courses, employees can quickly recall and abide by all the set regulations and compliances of the workplace. This is because compliance training online learning courses usually include simulations, gamification, and branching.

The success rate of your compliance training courses can surely boost if you get the right learning management software. This Learning Management System (LMS) will assist you in tracking the training course and employee performance. It also enables you to detect glitches and errors early on in the process and quickly make all the required adjustments.

  • Easy Access and Retraining

The advantage of combining compliance training courses and eLearning platforms is the resulting content offering adaptability. Employees can now easily access the training courses from their own devices, at their speed, and without any location constraints. 

In addition to this, new employees can promptly learn everything about the workplace compliance policy, while the existing employees can revisit the course whenever they wish. 

To sum up, we can state that compliance training courses enable you to redefine how your employees engage with and learn your workplace compliances and regulations. Also, with some professionally designed compliance training courses, the employees will get highly motivated and enthusiastic about knowing the company better. Hence, if you are looking for highly engaging and effective compliance training, get in touch with Impactly and schedule a live demo now. 

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