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Statement of Anonymity and Confidentiality

We take your data privacy seriously. The Impactly® Harassment Prevention Diagnostic data will never be shared with third parties. By participating in the Impactly® Harassment Prevention Diagnostic, you’re agreeing to allow Impactly to analyze survey data for the purpose of providing you with expert analysis and recommendations. Impactly may also publish your de-identified aggregate data in our annual benchmark report. No identifiable company or employee information will ever be published or distributed. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

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Over 300,000 employers are subject to the regional harassment prevention training mandates in 2019. Impactly’s legal and compliance experts created this Compliance Audit tool as a mechanism to assist employers who are struggling to determine how to meet the training mandates.

The Impactly® Compliance Audit is designed to assist legal and HR departments determine how, who and when to train your workforce on harassment prevention.

Upon completion of the survey, we will send you the Impactly© Compliance Audit Report. Please allow 48 business hours for delivery.

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